Secret to Keeping Baked Goods Soft

baking tip blog Jul 13, 2023

Growing up, my mom made almost everything from scratch. There wasn't a birthday party of ours that went by without a freshly made cake crafted by her, including the decorations. Since she made so many delicious goodies, she needed a way to make sure we had soft cookies during lunch three days later. 


That is her secret. She would rip up pieces of whatever bread loaf was open and toss them inside the container holding the cookies she'd just made. 

Crazy, right! Who would have thunk'd it! Honestly, after awhile the bread gets hard but the cookies remain soft. If there are cookies left, throw in fresh bread! 

Now you know the secret to everlasting soft cookies. Well, maybe not everlasting but at least more than a couple days. 

What baking secrets do you know?

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